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Today I encountered very long swarf, which was eventually whipping around the work piece and causing all sorts of problems as well as being really dangerous! I had to stop intermittently to untangle it from everything before continuing; some of the ribbons were over a metre long, you can't really see it in the picture of the floor

I was machining mild steel approx 1" diameter at 800rpm on powerfeed with cut of 020". Should increase/decrease speed, decrease depth of cut? I tried applying some cutting oil, that just smoked and made interesting vapour trails!

I am sure many have experienced similar swarf, however it may help if you show the cutting tool & the geometry setup  :hellno: being used at the time

When manually turning the crank, I'll often stop or slow the turns every couple of revs of the handwheel when the curls get too long, that tends to break them. If autofeeding, seems like changing the speed would do the same thing. I've noticed that when taking multiple passes to bring a bar down to desired size, that it will go in and out of the long-curl-generation mode, so I suspect its surface speed related.

A faster feed rate should help break it into chips as the thicker swarf is not as flexible.

john mills:
what is the shape of the tool
have you got a chip braking shape  or a groove or a step  a shaped insert or a ground tool.
A faster feed if you can can help chip braking shape work better.dificult for finishing cuts as you want a finish.


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