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Beyer peacock pump engine.

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this is a very long shot, but who knows. someone might be an expert here.

I recently aquired the remains of a Beyer Peacock and co manchester donkey pump in full size, i.e actually being off a gorton foundry loco from the 1850s. its niceley made, and a bit of a wreck, too. needs some tlc. however the bottom half is missing completely, if it was ever there, and Id love some close up pics of any loco with an existing similar pump. the first colour pic is a swedish example, on "prins august" from 1856. the other pics are of my wreck. anyone who knows of an example in a museum, id like to get in touch with the curators about it!

anyway for interest anyway,

Sorry to say I can't help with any info or parts, but thanks for showing us the photos of your pump. The main castings and even the studs look to be in excellent shape. Hope you can find what you need.  :cheers:

Michael S.:
Hello, an interesting pump!
Do you plan to replace missing parts? Would be nice if it works again.


probably plan to put it back to works condition eventually. depends what information turns up. all the engine parts are there. just the pump parts are missing.

I wonder if that lower "bracket" is original? I would have expected a central circular hole at the minimum for the pump ram to pass through as there is a boss for the ram on the underside of the scotch yoke. More likely some form of stuffing gland and some holes for studs to mount the pump body to the bracket.


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