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One example of GWR rolling stock that has been on the to do list is an early version of an Auto Trailer. I used laser cutting, CNC machining, and 3D printing to make the various parts. The model is Gauge 3 and 31in long
The body of the trailer is made from layers of styrene sheet cut on a CNC mill, construction comprised of a 1.5mm inside layer, a 3mm gap to take the glazing, then an 1mm outside layer then a 0.75mm for the panelling.
The chassis and the bogie bolsters are made from laser cut 1mm steel sheet, folded to from the various shapes. The bogie overlay detail are 3D printed along with the roof ventilators.
The trailers were often paired with 417 class tank engines as the picture


I had to google GWR Auto Trailer. Very interesting concept!

Love the details and the final result  :praise2:   :praise2:

I knew of other places in Europe where something similar was used - but I followed Rons idea and Googled GWR Auto Trailer - interesting history and amazing that there only where Two Accidents over the years  :LittleAngel:

Per       :cheers:

I also googled GWR auto trailer, and get hooked too by this system !
everyday something to learn here !

great and not common model btw, congratulations !

Thanks for the kind comments, the push pull system came about as its predecessors were steam railmotors. I built one of these in G1 a few years ago, the railmotors were expensive to maintain and were replaced with the trailers. Some of the railmotors were converted into trailers.


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