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Iím trying to get some stuff together for the August expo in Baraboo, Wisconsin.  Building some finger engines to sell, maybe, to defray some of my costs for the weekend.  Oops! My flywheel blanks (2 different sizes) fit the outside of the angle iron frames.  Interference with the base plates.  Smaller size needs turned OD about .060Ē, and relieve corner radius of angle iron with a flycutter.  Bigger size is no go.  Donít want to make new flywheels.
Solution for #2:  mill the ears off the base and turn them inside so they donít interfere with the flywheels.  If the parts donít match the print, change the print. (Old machinist humor).  Hopefully I can get them to match up so the seam will be minimal.  Will post pics when this comes together.

Hoping the mismatch on the OD turning goes away under the paint, sometimes the painter is my best friend. "Go heavy on the  primer, buddy."

So I got the two finger engines painted and assembled.  The front view shows how the clearance issues were close.  The only other "wish I would'a", is to use Delrin in the main crank bearings instead of the brass bushings that I used.  I've got 6 feet of delrin rod in the rack, I must be saving it for something important :Doh:

Back in my software days, the saying was That's  Not A Bug, It's  A Feature!


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