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Hello from Alberta Canada

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I spent 50 years working as a machinist, millwright, spent a few years in design and drafting and a few years in Quality, Thanks to Covid I was retired at 66. I have always been interested in Model trains, but also had an interest in Miniatures, so I set up a small shop with a Taig lathe, and a Sherline mill, recently I got interested in steam, remember very well the old steam strains growing up in Britain, So I am looking into making some smaller engines, suitable to make on my small machines. Keith

Welcome to the  group!   My machines are Sherline, others here have them and Taig too.

Welcome from Calgary, Alberta. Where in the province are you located? I'm not into steam myself but I am aware there is a track near Airdrie with like minded hobbyists.

I am in Leduc

I'm loosely associated with a (small) group called AMEN out of Edmonton. Have you heard of them? I stumbled on them through a mutual member friend & attend Zoom meetings initiated/continued through pandemic. They meet in informally monthly & have a few gatherings planned. The contact info here (Ron).



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