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Hello from Anchorage, Alaska

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Dick Morris:
I've been in the live steam hobby for about 50 years and built a Railroad Supply Corporation CP-173 4-4-0. For the last 10 years I've been involved in the restoration for operation of Alaska Railroad #557, a USATC S-160 Consolidation steam locomotive. I don't spend much hands-on time on the locomotive, but someone has to do the accounting, fund raising, publicity, acquire drawings, etc. For many years I've been working on a 1/8 scale model of the locomotive. Having access to an almost complete set of drawings and the full-sized locomotive tends to give me inspiration.

In addition to having a fairly complete home shop to do machine work, I've done sand casting for quite a few years. About four years ago I got a 3D printer and unpacked some investment casting equipment I bought many years ago from someone leaving the state and learned 3D CAD, 3D printing, and investment casting. First using PLA and then castable resin 3D printed patterns for investment casting. Having this capability has caused me to change the way I've looked at model building and I've incorporated a number of cast parts that would have been fabrications or hogged from solid in the past.

Hi Dick, welcome to the forum.  It sounds like you will fit right in with all those activities.

Looking forward to hearing and seeing pictures of some of your activities.


sounds great, what metals are you casting with?

Hi Dick,

I have read a lot of your updates over on the Chaski forum. Good Stuff!

Welcome to MEM!


Hi Dick!
Welcome to MEM!

Looks like you've got quite a project going already.  Would love to see more about it! Will you be posting progress here? (he says with fingers crossed?)



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