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fowler steam roller


Rollers and traction engines made by john fowler of leeds have notoriously bad cylinder drain cock linkages. on my roller, (fowler DNA 12t roller 16771) they were the subject of a bad restoration attempt in the late 90s.  ive spent some time this week and made new plugs for the bodies, and ive 3d printed the linkages up with a view to getting them cast in brass or alloy and reassembled before our next road run (coming up fast)

thought someone  might like a look at whats happening.

another pic of the plugs or spools.

That's a nice bit of work there. I am not into machining yet, still teaching myself casting. And I'm a bad teacher. One of my neighbours here in Illogan, Cornwall, has a couple of full size steam engines. He drove one to Camborne recently for the Trevithick day celebrations. Is that the sort of thing you do?

australia is a much bigger place though. weve a couple events within 50km of the engine, so we try to get to those. trucks get expensive


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