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Hello from Danvers, MA

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Hi All! My name is Hayden and I have recently moved into a space with enough room for something larger than a bench drill press! I've been operating small scale steam locomotives for a little over 10 years now and now that I have the space I want to acquire the skills and tools to make one from scratch.

I have acquired a 42x9 Enco mill and a 12x36 Clausing 5914 lathe and they are currently in pieces in my basement ready to be reassembled. Both machines came with quite a bit of tooling. I also have an Enco 24" 3-in-1 metal former that somehow made it down in one piece.

Who knew how fun it could be to move ~5000lbs of cast iron into a basement!

Hi Hayden, 

I'm also a new kid around here. Welcome to the forum!

Welcome Haydon   I'm in central Mass.   I assume you are familiar with the Washakum Live Steamers?


Roger B:
Welcome to the Forum  :ThumbsUp:  :ThumbsUp:

Hi Hayden!
Welcome to the group!  Glad to have you aboard!  :cheers:

Sounds like you've got some nice machines!  Looking forward to seeing some pics of your shop and the stuff you'll be working on.  What loco will be your first project? :)



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