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Restoring Chairs

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We know that you don't like to play with the Brown stuff Jo  ;)

But at least it is a worthwhile Job that will bring you satisfaction when completed  :cheers:


Nice job Jo you can learn to love the.brown if you do enough of it..


I would never use fake leather to replace leather. I learnt that years ago when I had the front seats of my Jaguar 320G recovered with car vinyl (leatherette) and have regretted it to this day. For the chairs I would have used kangaroo leather, soft and in a variety of colours but I'm sure a wandering deer would supply a reasonable substitute.
Theres a tannery in Brisbane I get all my leather from and they ship to people OS.

I considered using leather but I have Leather seats in Minx and have to make sure I keep conditioning them to make sure they won't go hard and crack. Woody has modern Leatherette, like my friend's 7 series BMW, and there is little to choose between it and leather other than I don't have to use anything more than a damp cloth in Woody.


Alan Haisley:

--- Quote from: Jo on May 16, 2023, 06:12:08 PM ---I did consider an electric or air stapler but have been talked out of using one by a professional Upholsterer. Lesley advised me that they push the staples too far into the seat frame and you will never get them out again. Her advice was to use a hand stapler with the staples that end in a sharp point (ceiltile staples) and finish them with a pin hammer.  I've tried it and it works  :ThumbsUp:


--- End quote ---
I have an electric stapler - maybe Swingline or Arrow. It has a force adjustment control. I could see using that with the force turned down and then finish with the hammer. I also have a hand stapler but if I did a set of chairs with it my hands would probably fall off.


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