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Hello Everyone from Magnolia, TX

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Hello Everyone from Magnolia, TX. I'm a scratch build modeler. Most of my modeling work is built using brass stock. I'm also into making waterslide decals,
I have an old trusty Alps MD-1000 that's still cranking them out.
I've joined the forum to expand my knowledge on working with brass, specifically tips on drilling tiny holes in round stock. If interested, I can include some pictures of my work.
-Thanks for having me.

Hello Steven, and welcome to MEM. What sorts of models do you like to scratchbuild? Certainly some pictures are of interest and welcomed.

Attached is a few pictures of a scaled down 1950's Western Auto Outboard Caddy I recently built.
It was made using brass tubing, solid-round and flat-bar.
All joints were silver soldered for strength and hardware (brass m1.2 hex bolts, nuts and washers)  was added after etch-prime & paint.
The caddy was made to display a K&O toy outboard motor from the early 1950's.

I was looking into doing something original and from the same time period. I saw this caddy cart
at an old Marina on the gulf coast and bells started ringing.

I made a very small jig to fabricate the s-hooks for the chain.

The gas tank was made using a reshaped plastic project box, ground hex screw and 1/8" brass c-channel.

Roger B:
Welcome to the Forum  :ThumbsUp:  :ThumbsUp:

That's an interesting prototype  :) and a fine model  :)

I have worked down to 0.2mm (8 thou) holes in brass.

Hi Steven, and welcome to MEM!

That's a really neat little model you made there!   :ThumbsUp:
What size is it? it looks pretty small...



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