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Bob Wild:
Just starting my new build. This time of Stephenson’s Rocket. The best plans I have found are from Julius delete Waal. In order to fit it in my lathe I am building it at half the scale of his drawings, which is a bit of a pain. Interestingly he says it is designed to be made in wood! That sounds a bit of a challenge. The main problem though is that he has completely ignored all the valve gear, which to me seems a really interesting part of the engine. One of the reasons for starting this thread is the fact that whenever I am stuck I can rely on some members to give me good advice and suggestions. So this will not be a detailed build log, but I will report my progress at any interesting stages. Here is the assembly drawing and my start on the chassis (not very interesting)


I like the wood aspect. Seems like a really interesting project.  :popcorn: :popcorn: :cheers:

I've got a  copy of a great book  on the Rocket, The Engineering  And History  Of Rocket  by Bailey and Glithero, it has lots of detail  pics on the original  and explains the  valve gear. Highly recommend it.

Charles Lamont:
The Haynes Stephenson's Rocket Owners' Workshop Manual is quite good too.

That should be a fun project! I will be following along with interest.  :ThumbsUp::popcorn:


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