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A Seal and a boat

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Here are a few pictures of the model boat I built for my Seal 15cc engine. It is based on the boat my Dad raced in the early 1960ís. It was powered by an ex WW2 Jeep engine. The model is 970mm long

This picture is of him racing it on Nov. 11th 1960 ,before the name was painted on.

I love your boat. What a wonderful way to combine a family memory with using the model engine you have made  8)


Roger B:
Splendid  :praise2:  :praise2:

it is always good to see a model engine doing the job it was designed for  :)  :wine1:

this model cruiser is beautiful, congratulations!
is this boat designed to sail?
If so, the immaculate white paint might suffer a little with the oil...


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