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Re: Engines I have built
« Reply #30 on: September 28, 2017, 02:46:14 PM »
I have been twisting my supplier's arm to get him to admit to the engines he has built  ::) Eric admits to:

Allouchery Ė French two stroke (5 short shaft & 5 long shaft)
Atom Minor (3 off)
Avio Minima
Bonds Hurricane Minor (2 off)
Bottle Engine 1895 (4 off)
Cadet (8 off)
Cadet Twin 
Channel Island Special (10 off) + Casting Dies if required.
Craftsman Twin (5 off)
Cave Cobra (4 off)
Dan Calkinís Elf 6 (2 off)
10 cc Ensign Ė Westbury (5 off)
Felgiebel ( 3 off)
Ladybird (lost count of them.. maybe a dozen)
Morton M1 4 stroke Petrol (2 off)
Nalon Viper (5 off)
Oliver Tiger Mk 5
Oliver Tiger Mk 2
Oscillating Engines (various)
7/16Ē Pepperell
Rogerís and Geary Comet 15cc Ignition Engine
Stuart No 1
Stentor (3 off)
5cc Sparey Diesel (4 off)
Stuart Triple (5 off)
Stuart No 4 (4 off)
Stuart Score (4 Off)
Stuart No 9 (4 off)
Stuart Number 10ís (as many as blades of grass on my lawn)
Stuart Surus (2 off)
Stuart Sun (2 off)
Stuart Beam Engine (3 Off)
Stuart Compound Launch Engine (2 off)
Stuart Standard Launch Engine (2 off)
Stuart Lightweight
Tubal Cain Kitten (2 off)


Anzani Y type
15cc Atom Minor
D H Cirrus
Dan Calkinís Elfs - 4ís twins and singles
Gardner Gas Engine
Stuart No 5
Stuart Compound Launch/Simple (one of each)

However he says he can't remember the half of them :o

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Re: Engines I have built
« Reply #31 on: February 14, 2019, 11:33:20 PM »
Longboy's Model Engine Listings.  YouTube: Longboy Engine.

STIRLING ENGINES.                          I/C ENGINES.
    1.SIDECAR                                       1. WEBSTER
    2. BEAM                                           2. SENTINEL
    3. ZEPHYR                                        3. GEMINI
    4 THE ROBINSON TWINS                   4. OVERTIME                                                   
    5. BOFORS                                       5. SUPER H   
    6. BIG WHEEL                                   6. FOREMAN
    7. HOG SLAYER                                 7. BEST FRIEND FOUR
    8. CAMEL                                          8. BRATZ                                                                                                                                                                               
   9. IKEA                                              9. INTERNAL BREEZE                                                       
  10. FANTAIL                                       10. SUPER TEE
  11. OVER 90                                      11. BLACK WATER
  12.MARBLE TWIN                               12. SIDE SHAFTER     
  13. EASY TEE                                     13. JUSTABLE
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Re: Engines I have built
« Reply #32 on: February 15, 2019, 03:24:36 AM »
ML Midge, 1 off completed by me, plus most bits for another 4
Sugden Special, 2 off
Nalon Viper Mk 1
Nalon Viper Mk 2

Work in Progress
Elfin 1.49 2 off with cast crankcase
Elfin 1.49 1 off with billet crankcase.
Nalon Viper Mk 3, hypothetical, based on Mk1, but with one piece crankcase
MegaMidge 2.5cc, based on Mark Lubbock ML Midge x 150%.  Drawings show side port at the moment but I am thinking about a rear rotary valve one......

I do more drawing and thinking than machining!!

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Re: Engines I have built
« Reply #33 on: February 15, 2019, 01:58:50 PM »
Some of the members here are quite prolific!
I haven't built a lot of engines, but it seems like it because they take so long!

    Upshur Farm Engine (IC)
    Elmer's Standby (air)
    Elmer's Opposed (air)
    Martin Models 1/4 scale Gade Hit and Miss Engine (From Castings)
    Jan Ridders Debbie 2 Stroke Engine (IC)
    Chuck Fellows Air Powered Hit and Miss Engine
    Lucy Acrylic Air Engine

Hopefully, when I retire the list will become longer.
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Re: Engines I have built
« Reply #34 on: March 08, 2023, 01:20:01 PM »
There are some very impressive lists posted here.  My list is quite short, but I hope to grow it over the next few years.  I hope that more pictures will be added.

(2). Thayer School Stirling Engines
Stuart D10 with reversing
Stuart 10H
Stuart 5A*.

*The 5A build was started by my father shortly before retiring in 1982.  A few castings were from Stuart, the rest was designed and fabricated by my father.  Age caught up with him and many mistakes were made in both design and machining.  He gave up on the engine in 1990 and gave it to me in 2010.  It sat in pieces until 2020 when I decided that it was time to either finish it or scrap it.  Most parts had to be repaired or replaced and the cross head, standard, pump, base and bearings had to be redesigned, (my father had warned me that these parts were not well though out).  The resulting engine is something that I treasure.  We didnít have many father and son projects.  I wish that he could have seen it run.

I donít care much for blue engines, but it was my fathers favorite color and he had already painted some parts a light blue.  The dark blue is my compromise.

The Reeves Unicorn and Stuart 7 were machined and built by my father.  He also built the ship model which I recently restored.  He was highly skilled.
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Re: Engines I have built
« Reply #35 on: March 08, 2023, 05:14:26 PM »
Greetings, not sure if this is the right place for Locomotive models and workshop tools, but here goes

Rob Roy  31/2 0-6-0 tank black
Rob Roy  31/2 0-6-0 tank Blue
Stanier    31/2 2-6-4 tank martin Evans Jubilee black
Stanier    31/2 2-6-4 tank Martin Evans jubilee  Red
G N R      5 in  2-8-0 tender Martin Evans Nigel Gresley
G E R       5 in  0-6-0 tank J69 Buckjumper, unpublished Martin Evans
G E R      5 in   4-6-0 Tender  (LNER B12)    80% finished
Mona       31/2 0-6-2 tank    GER livery    LBSC
Bantam Cock  31/2  2-6-0 tender  LNER V4    LBSC
Bantam Cock  71/4  2-6-0 tender  LNER v4    doubled up LBSC
Narrow gauge 5 in 0-4-0 tank Freelance hackworth design
Holmside      71/4  0-6-0 tank  Martin Evans
Hercules       71/4  0-6-0 tank extended  from Reeves 0-4-0  design
LNER A3       71/4  4-6-2 tender   Flying Fox   modified modelworks kit
LNER A4       71/4  4-6-2  tender  Sir Nigel Gresley  modified modelworks kit  (Almost finished)
BR Class 7    71/4  4-6-2  tender  Britannia  Iron Duke   modified modelworks kit
Stanier         71/4  2-6-4  tank    doubled up Martin Evans Jubilee  just started
BR class 08   71/4  0-6-0   diesel shunter battery powered.

rolling stock  all 71/4

20 Pullman Cars

10 Class 170 vehicles

Various wagons

various workshop tools  Stent  drill press rotary table small tools

Where does the time go?

Hope to do the Bolton Triple someday.
Brian Baker


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