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The couple of you who have been following along on my High Pressure Table Engine thread will know I have been having problems with my beloved 300mm Facom 603E Hacksaw frame :rant: I have only had it for 25 years and it has started cracking on the handle  :wallbang:

Having explored my backup second hand hacksaws I had an old Eclipse 60 wooden handle one:

Lovely old frame, forged end so no twisting as you tighten it  :ThumbsUp: takes 12" and 10" blades. but you are holding it horizontally rather than vertically which takes some getting used to. It will also only hold the blade vertical or horizontal.

Out of the storage came an old Eclipse 20T. The handle while made of aluminium had gone white with oxidisation and felt "slimey". So I brought a new one  but I am not impressed as the blade twists as you tighten the wing nut to tension the blade so it won't cut straight  >:( I have to get  a pair of pliers on it to straighten up the blade to get it to cut straight. I can't see me remembering to do that every time  :disappointed:

The arm is only made out of a steel tube so I tried squeezing it in a vice but it is still  :censored: as it twists.

JB Welder suggested I tried a Sandvik 225 frame which was knocking on 35  :o or a copy which was about half that price. You never know what you might get with a copy  :noidea:

Having hummed and hared for a couple of weeks  ::) I decided that the answer was easy I needed another Facom and as luck would have it there was a guy on Fleabay who has some scratched ones knocked down from 60 to 30 so I brought a 603F  :Love:

Like my earlier 603E it holds the blade at 45 degrees as well as the standard angle.  :) Like my earlier 603E it only holds 300mm blades not the 250mm ones  :-\ So the other frames will have to be kept hold of to use up the old 10" blades (unless I can swop them with someone  :thinking:)

Any one else wish to discuss hacksaw frames


As I said in the other thread  my Sandvik 225 is still going strong and the rebadged Bahco and Monument ones should be fine

I also picked up the red handled one below from Lidl about 18months ago and tend to keep a finer 32tpi blade in that so it gets used on sheet and small sections upto about 8mm. There is probably a couple of degrees play in the front fixing but that does not seem to prevent me from cutting straight with it. Can't complain for 5 or so.

Having said all that since getting the Femi 782L bandsaw the hand saws don't see as much use cutting anything much over 12mm as that gets buzzed through with the Femi

Hi Jo,
My main "go to" Hand Hacksaw Frame is a "Ding Dong" No.6 Aluminium Frame made by Charles Baynes Ltd Blackburn. A superb bit of kit. Rigid and "cuts" dead straight. Takes 9", 10" and 12" Blades.

My back up Hand Hacksaw Frame is an ENOX MW60 with a Flat Steel Slip Frame (chromed) and a riveted Wooden Handle. It is also a lovely tool to use, rigid and "cuts" dead straight. It takes 8", 9" 10" and 12" Blades.

Both these frames date from the late 1950's early 1960's


Has anyone found that certain hacksaw blades from a certain Country tend to wander off line? Usually to the right? It appears to me that the tooth 'set' is rather one sided!

Which country is that?


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