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James Coombes - Not As You Know Him

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This engine looks absolutely superb, the flywheel sets off the proportions of an early engine so much better than the 7" Stuart one would have done, and the restrained colour scheme works rather well.  And it is an interesting engine to watch running, too. The nicest "James Coombes" engine around?    Dave

Thanks for all the kind comments

I've enjoyed doing the three 2" x 1" cylindered Stuart offerings over the last couple of years particularly the Real and this James Coombes as they had a lot more of my own design built in, the Victoria being a lot closer to original. I'm not that taken by their Grasshopper design so doubt I will do this and I've already got the big Eastern & Anderson. Having built the Beam a long time ago again I'm not that inclined to do it but there is quite a lot I would alter probably just use a modified cylinder so I could still call it a Stuart.

So that is about it as far as this run of engines goes though I have just seen that Clarkson had a 2" x 1" inverted with twin A frame type supports so may take a look at something along those lines. Not sure if there is much more in the Stuart range that I would want to look at, maybe the compound, twin launch or Pinnace. Possibly a compound Score based on the score bed casting and I am working on an engine that they discontinued many years ago but that's just a small one.

A truly beautiful model, Jason, and such a smooth runner. Looking forward to your next project!


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