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Michael S.:
A nice, interesting start.
Like it a lot.



--- Quote from: Jasonb on January 29, 2023, 08:56:11 PM ---
However as castings are not available for these items do you want to compare total time including making the patterns and then machining them assuming you get the casting done elsewhere? We can discount design time as that would be the same for either

--- End quote ---

I think it might be fairer to compare CNC machining from solid with making the pieces out of layers of steel plates of various thicknesses cut to profile for a one off. If you are trying to encourage others to build one. I suspect more members are likely to have plates of steel rather than a CNC mill.


Dave Otto:
Hi Jason

I will enjoy watching you carve out another beautiful engine. Maybe someone should start another thread on the pros and cons of home shop CNC?
There are a number of us who fall into that category and might make for some interesting discussion, but not to muck up your build thread here.


Yes, this will be an interesting build to watch come together!  :popcorn:


I like the look of that!!!



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