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Robert Hornby:
I bit the bullet and have drawn up what I intend to make and will use some timber that I have lying about. It an Australian hardwood, SPOTTED GUM, mainly used for polished floor boarding but it does machine and polish up very nicely. (I have made some gear stick knobs for Jaguars out of it - but that is another story).
I will machine the pieces to 18mm x 18mm square in the 3 different lengths. Getting the 45 deg angles will need to be done very carefully as I would like the joints to be free of any gaps.
The overall size of the cube will be 130mm x 130mm x 130mm.  I have attached the drawings via a PDF file so unsure if that will publish. If not I will scan and attach.

Robert Hornby:
I have scanned my drawings and attached to see if that is better.

That seems fun. Look forward to seeing this built "in the flesh" so to speak.  :popcorn:
I believe that some on here consider certain brown-coloured materials to be taboo.  :Lol: :Lol:
Regards, Steve

Iíve also done some quick calculations and will be making something similar milled in Aluminium and bolted together with three socket screws. Too cold to work in the shed though and I have other jobs so it could take a while. I look forward to seeing how yours pans out. What adhesive will you be using? I like Urea Formaldehyde for stuff like this.

Robert Hornby:
I will use Aquadhere, it is just a water-based wood glue. I have used it on many wood joining jobs with 100% success as long as the mating surfaces are clean and true. I use it on my gear stick knobs, they are made from 3 pieces of Spotted Gum.


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