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1/4 Scale Perkins 7hp

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Well Santa struck again....  :cheers:

Looks like it's simple enough for a  :ShakeHead: like me, so it's moved to the top of the list.  Well, maybe after the shaper vise rebuild and the DRO installation on the mill....  But I'll try to take pictures.  :facepalm:



Looks like a nice set of castings Jeff. Who are they from?  Will be looking forward to seeing the build and lots of pictures too :)


Jeff: Will be watching also, looks like a great project. Roger

Are those castings as good as they look? I'll certainly be watching.


chuck foster:
jeff those castings will make a great little engine, they are fairly easy and straight forward.
i built one about 15 years ago and it has about 2000 hours worth of run time (shows and just running in the workshop).
it has run so much i had to rebuild it a few years ago.
here is a video of it at a locale show 

i have another one that a guy gave me cause he said it was too much work for him, he wanted something he could build in a weekend  :Jester:

good luck with your build and if you have any trouble just give me a shout.



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