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Help Wanted - Silver Soldering Master Class

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The CuP Alloys book is said to be very good, written by someone who has spent their life in the silver solder business

I've done my share of silver soldering and the best piece of advice I can give you is CLEAN EVERYTHING. The last thing I do before lighting the torch is clean the parts to be joined, I use alcohol or sometimes acetone. I also clean the solder itself. After that don't touch any of it with bare hands, then apply the flux and heat. This leaves out a lot of info...but I've found the cleaning is super critical.

If you will be a CFE tomorrow we can chat.


I use this silver solder paste for much of my small fabrication work. No mucking about mixing flux to the right consistency, and clean up afterwards with a toothbrush!.
Expensive but mighty neat and effective.

I get fine wire silver solder through Rio Grande jewelry supply (and other soldering supplies),, they have different alloys that will match the metals you are soldering. it does cut done on the appearance of solder lines..


--- Quote from: vtsteam on January 12, 2023, 02:00:24 AM ---Try also Tubal Caine's "Soldering and Brazing".  (The Model Engineer Tubal Caine, Tom Walshaw, not the present YouTube incarnation). It's Number 9 in the Workshop Practice series. Very reasonably priced.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the suggestion! I picked up a used copy off Amazon for less than $10 shipped!


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