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Oops! Seems I put my foot in it.  :-X Sorry, Steve.  :(
I have removed my reference to Tubal Cain because I've not read this publication, I just assumed it was from the same era as the other two. I still think the Alec Farmer and K.N. Harris books belong in a bygone age, though.
Regards, Steve

Okay Steve, no problem.  :cheers:

Charles Lamont:

--- Quote from: springcrocus on February 02, 2023, 12:16:16 PM ---A final word about reference books. Many people, certainly in the UK, recommend K.N.Harris or Alec Farmer but I would suggest that, because they were all written long ago, nowadays they are not much use. The problem is that the materials we are using today are completely different to the ones they were using. If you have stocks of the old solders, then those books will still be relevant but, otherwise, I think you will be wasting your money if you purchase them today. Look for something that has been written in the last ten or fifteen years instead. Keith Hale in the UK might be worth searching out.

--- End quote ---
Harris's Model Boilers and Boiler Making contains about four pages and one table on solders and soldering. The diagram of a brazing set-up with a bed of asbestos cubes is, indeed, not current practice! We no-longer use soft solder or rivets and caulking on model boilers. But unless you just want to know about soldering, I think it is a mistake to dismiss on that basis a book that remains an otherwise sound and informative guide to a wide variety of boiler designs, basic design principles, the necessary calculations, etc, etc.


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