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Re: Orford Vintage Machinery Show 2023
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Thanks everyone for your interest.  I am glad that it has proved interesting to so many.  I hope the ray of sunshine has brought a little warmth to those in mid winter.  Itís mid summer here, though with the La NiŮa, we are having more cloudy days than seem normal.  At least itís still warm, and for the most part just not too hot.

Thanks also for confirming that the Separator engine was for a cream separator.  It was the only thing I could think of, but I can only remember the hand turned ones like the picture below, never heard of a motor driven one.  I remember them being red, the Alfa Laval model was probably more up market.  We used one when I was a pre-schooler but I was a bit small to turn them well.  Dads salary included a cow so we had milk, cream and butter, the butter made in a wooden churn from the cream out of the separator.  However my wifeís chores as a primary schooler included milking the cow and turning the separator.  The trick was to turn the handle at a steady speed, the high gear ratio to get the speed necessary for the internal cones made them quite stiff to turn.  Obviously a motor driven one would not need such a high gear ratio and the speed would be maintained by the governor.  Probably unnecessary for the milk required by one family.  You donít know good cream until you have turned the separator with fresh milk!


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