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soldering clay

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--- Quote from: steamer on December 30, 2022, 01:58:20 PM ---...

Makes me wonder what NATURAL material it was made with   :ROFL:

--- End quote ---
I am hoping it takes LOTS of ground up telemarketer!   :LittleDevil:

Just watched the video on the page you linked to - looks great for holding very small parts in place, not sure if it would be good for larger pieces where a larger torch and a lot more heating would be needed. She doesn't mention about it protecting other areas from the heat, just for positioning. Interesting stuff!

Had to re-read this thread. Was thinking "well I can barely silver solder metals these days, I doubt I'd have any luck soldering clay....." DOH!    :facepalm2: :Lol:

I saw this post yesterday and had to go look it up  (on Amazon of course :)).  Looks like it would be great for smaller parts.  I'll have to keep it in mind when I'm not doing the boiler!


Another product I picked up years ago are soldering boards, they are some sort of soft ceramic that are great for putting on the bench when using the little torch, they block the flame from the bench and other stuff on it (I set up one flat on the bench, the other standing vertically as a backstop), plus you can stick pins in it to hold little parts. They come in solid and honeycomb versions - just search for 'soldering boards'. Another product from the jewelry making world.


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