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been watching vids of this stuff,, looks like it could come in very handy, some how youtube links do not seem to be taking, it's somewhat reusable, will protect areas you do not to heat, should work very well in positioning odd parts..

Sounds very interesting!   Can you post a link to the either the video or the product?


Never heard of it before, links would be great!


Thanks for that!
Very interesting!    I'll probably try it and see.   I love the description and cautions.

Hold-It! The Moldable Third Arm Solder Positioning Clay by Renee Ford Metals The magic clay that holds your small parts while soldering silver and karat golds. Difficult soldering set ups become a dream with using this clay. It will stay in its molded form and provide some heat protection from delicate soldered areas. It is NOT a heat shield to protect stones. While it will not disintegrate, it will get burnt slightly from direct flame. This is reusable for up to 2 or 3 times with reconstituting in warm water. After it cools and the piece is cool, it breaks off and any tiny bits left can be washed off with soap and water with a toothbrush. The still soft bits can be reused back in the jar. Dried out pieces can be saved to reconstitute later. NOT FOR USE WITH PLATINUM OR PLATINUM GROUP METALS—— Platinum group metals don't like carbon and this produces carbon. (Platinum, Palladium, karat golds with Palladium or Platinum, Rhodium or Iridium.) Does not contain asbestos or other harmful additives. Contains aluminum oxide, silica and water. It does burn with prolonged intense heat and produces carbon. 8oz jar with approximately 6oz of clay. Made in USA PLEASE NOTE: Jar must be kept closed TIGHTLY with inner SEAL intact. Do not throw away self sealing lid liner. It needs to stay closed when not in use to keep the clay from drying out. The clay is EARTH made so natural microbes exist in the clay. A mildew smell or minor molding may occur because of the moisture content and a natural ingredient base.

Makes me wonder what NATURAL material it was made with   :ROFL:


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