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Triumph 500 twin

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Following along!

Great! Cnc milled (if yes what kind of machine)?

John Roberts:
Tormach 770.  I also have a Wabeco f1210 cnc mill which not a patch on the Tormach. I now use the Wabeco just for manual milling now that I have fitted digital readouts.

Okay the Tormach is quit a large mill! Does these have dovetail guides and trapezium of ball spindels?

I was wondering how a Tormach 440 would mill harder steels other than aluminium on feed rate and rpm's.
Never heard of Wabeco. They look alot like look a likes Hbm, Huvema or maybe they re-engineered on a Wabeco mill.

John Roberts:
AlexS you might to better asking about CNC machines in another section. I know nothing about the 440.  Sorry.


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