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Triumph 500 twin

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John Roberts:
After completing my Bentley Br2. I was looking for a new project. After seeing Mikes Triumph 650 model. I decided straight away what my next project was going to be. As a life long Triumph owner and fan, it had to be the 500 twin as I own one, which I could reference and had a workshop manual that gave data. that I could scale. I settled on 50cc which is about half size. I modelled each part and created an assembly and drawings made.
First job was to make a fixture plate so that I could attach the barrels and cylinder head to for machining. Next was the machining of the barrels which are in two parts followed by the making to the cylinder head.
I hope to post photos as this project progresses.

Roger B:
That's some amazing machining  :ThumbsUp:  :ThumbsUp: I will be following along  :)

Very impressive work! I will be watching your progress with interest and enjoyment. :ThumbsUp: :popcorn:

Nice work. It's like you were looking at the full size cylinders.  :ThumbsUp: :ThumbsUp:

It would be easier to view your work, if you were to reduce the image size to something like 600 x 800

Cheers   :cheers:


To follow on: amazing!
PS. I've owned a number of Triumph motorcycles. The last one, a 1967 Trophy 650 bought brand new, fell to pieces around me!


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