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Let's make something!

I want to make a special gift for my grandfather. Something mechanical and type of art! I came with the idea to design and build a metal geared clock.
Chance is big that he wouldn't see the working clock alive. Maybe the project is to complicated. But I am also building this as a memento and to honor. I will probably pass it on to my grandmother. Most important is to still be together.

It is made from stainless steel 304/316 and brass gears. Powered by a stepper motor.

Here a couple of photo's. Last picture shows the ambiance of the project!

Roger B:
Looks to be a fun (complicated) project  :)  :)  :ThumbsUp:

Thats a great looking design. How did you cut all those shapes in the faceplate? CNC?

Artistic Engineering - Love it and as Chris mentioned - interesting shape / design  :ThumbsUp:

Per        :cheers:            :popcorn:


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