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Hello everybody!

Needing a break from the radials I saw an ad on craigslist for a little 1/2 scale 1910 model T. These were cars built by snapper mower before they were snapper. They are 1/2 scale and were meant to be purchased as promotional tools and expensive toys for kids. Businesses would display them in the front window of there store. Some would purchase them and then give them away like Coke-a-cola, car dealers, and companies all over the globe.

Well I bought it. Then I bought another one. And then another one. 3 grand daughters so I need 3 cars! Well all 3 are now fixed up and we are waiting for the memorial day parade in may. I have no more room so I cant buy another. So I decided to make a 1/3 scale copy. I have a spare 1/3rd scale engine block and it is the same engine that these had on them new.

So here is the plan. Build the cart complete then actually finish the engines I started years ago.

Those are great!

I have been at it for a couple weeks so I have the frame done. I did it in brass so it would solder easily. The body is well on its way. The hand controls are well on there way. Yes there are no pedals. The tow truck is this way so on the full size car I added a brake pedal. This morning I started on the front axle and all the parts to steer the vehical. Hope to actually finish this one some day.

Will the MiniShriner be RC controlled? Or do you need to teach your shop elves to drive?

Shop elves only. It is meant to be a fully funtioning model like the real thing. Hopefully it will turn out that way Haha.


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