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Making a Sub Miniature Live Centre

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I've never been happy with the oversize/overscale 'stuff' that the ME trade offers us mere mortals, so here is an attempt to produce a live centre more suited to the task!

This 0MT 'lump' came with the  lathe, I have no idea how one is supposed to get near to the work.  99.00 from Cowells!

My version made from 1/2" 303 stainless.

The components.Two 9.5mm ball races, centre rod with thrust pad, and a 3 part thrust bearing. Velly Cheep!

Made for the job. It really does run sweetly!

Nice!!  How did you retain the pieces in the shell?


--- Quote from: crueby on October 29, 2022, 11:20:10 PM ---Nice!!  How did you retain the pieces in the shell?

--- End quote ---

A gentle press fit. After all, I am a retired precision engineer... :LittleAngel: :praise2:

I've not found similar live ctrs to be a problem. Quite easy to get neat to work with the right tool, This is my large Skoda live ctr working on a 3mm valve stem. Same setup would be fine on my Unimat3 too with its live ctr. Similar shape HSS tool would also fit without a problem.

If you need to turn smaller dia than that then a half ctr is a good option as you can't easily drill a ctr hole small enough so will catch the revolving ctr.

Nice  :)

It is easy to see the improvement achieved by using a revolving centre than without.



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