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First one, then two cylinders.

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Michael S.:
Hello, everyone,

Some time ago, an elderly gentleman came up to me at a model building exhibition and asked me if I could do something with the remains of an old steam engine.
In a box were individual parts that looked like a steam engine. When I got home I assembled the parts on the workbench. There was a base plate with two A-Staners, a flywheel and a cylinder. Many parts are missing and you can see that it was supposed to be a two-cylinder machine. So I decided to complete the work of the unknown master. All parts are cast iron or steel. Only the cylinder is made of bronze with a lid. All parts were nickel-plated and painted green.
There were flaws in the cast iron on the A stand. That's when I got the idea to use this epoxy resin modeling clay. Then smoothed with the Dremel and ball end mill. An upper part of the crankshaft bearing is missing and a piece of steel is already ready. A start has been made.

It's been a few years since the restoration.


Roger B:
Looks to be an interesting task  :)  :)

Michael S.:
An upper part of the crankshaft bearing was missing and I adapted a piece of steel by milling and rounded off the top with a file. The oil cup was soldered.
The bore was adjusted on the milling machine.


Michael S.:
The first cylinder is a bronze casting. The second new cylinder is made from one piece of brass. The steam doors were milled. and expanded in scope. The slider mirror is an extra part and was soldered on with soft solder. Then the openings are milled. I was surprised how well it worked. In the future, the machine will only run with compressed air. Both cylinders have a bore of 40 mm.
The machine base was planned for two cylinders.

best regards Michael

Great job on the new parts. Going to be a nice engine again.



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