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Re: Sensitive Drill Attachment
« Reply #30 on: September 11, 2022, 03:35:40 AM »
Nice drill press     Is that a home built?


Sorry for the delay in responding, it has been beyond hectic around here. To answer your question, no it is not. It is a commercially built unit, and the name tag says "Micro Balancing Inc."

Some of you may have noticed the numbers on the table, and they reference degrees from a zero point. That 'drum' is not a part of the standard table for this drill, but it also has a table insert on the top which locks into place. It has a couple of holes in it that allow a part of some sort to lock into the table. I suspect that armatures or whatever might need balancing are tested and marked for a needed change at a certain degree reference point. The part can be locked into the table which can be rotated to a degree to match what is needed, and then balancing holes could be drilled.  I hope this makes sense, but it is not easy to explain.

I purchased this drill press from an eBay seller and so far, I am quite happy with it. It has not disappointed me yet. I thought about removing the rotating drum from the table but have not yet seen a reason to do so. I don't see a reason to keep it either, but it does make a neat point of conversation and makes the device appear to be more complex than it really is, thus impressing those persons that haven't got a clue.   :headscratch:
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