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A Bud vase


V 45:
 Hello all...just wanted to show something different I made. It's a bud vase ! My mother just turned 75 and I figured I would make her something. Once they left England 50 years ago, they have always had about 3 to 4 thousand roses in the yard !! A awful lot of work !! But she always liked to keep the buds of there own grafts in the house. To this day my parents still have about 1000 roses...the old age has slowed them down just a touch !!  :lolb: I think since that's all they live for might as well make her something she could actually use. The huge garden does keep them young !! 
 I just turned a bit of 1" brass and cut 3 radius's in it with the ball cutter I made, drilled a 1/2"hole and bored smooth. Gave it a little sanding and polish. Here is what turned out. She will like it anyway.
 All a good night...

chuck foster:
that is one slick looking bit of turning  :ThumbsUp: :ThumbsUp:

your mom will sure like that, if you can show us what it looks like with a rose bud in it. i bet the rose will look real good with all that polished brass.


Nice idea and well made. A personally made gift is the best gift.

Well done....she's gonna love that I know!!


V 45:
Thank you all for the kind words !! I showed my sister now she wants one !!! I might make her one if she's been a good girl this year  :Lol:
I really want to work the Jr. Hoglet...


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