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Acrylic (Perspex) display case for stationary model

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fine and very clean result, beautiful.
the difficult point (in my hand) was to remove scratching and glue stains on this material, re-polishing is not that easy, the material melts under the polishing felt...

Excellent work!  Very neat and clean . . . and good job on the display case too. :ThumbsUp:

Thanks everyone for the feedback and kind remarks!

The acrylics that I've worked with can be polished by gently heating the area with a small torch - it doesn't take much heat.  Of course it's also VERY easy to blister and burn the stuff with that same torch - DAMHIK.  A better option might be to use one of the heat guns used for plastic welding.


That's a display case that doesn't get in the way of a fine model.


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