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When I first got my new Titanium welder, I ordered several sets of coupons to practice on (from Weld Metals Online).  I also ordered a few ‘cube’ kits and an ‘infinity cube’ kit.  I’ve done a lot of welding on coupons – so much that I got totally bored with it and decided to go ahead and do my BIG project (the 2x72 belt grinder) as part of my practice.

But I hadn’t done the infinity cube.  So today, I set out to do that.

To start with, I taped all the pieces together and labeled them to increase the chances that I would get things welded together mostly in the right orientation. (Note: there are extra parts shown here that are just used as packing to keep the taped parts together).

After this, I gave a little bevel on some of the sides for welding butt joints.  This turned out to be the first project where I used my new belt grinder!  It worked a treat :)

Here I’m fitting together four of the parts into subassemblies:

And here’s a set of subassemblies, ready to be assembled together.

The next step – putting these sub-assemblies together, was harder than the first part, but I mostly got there.

With three larger sub-assemblies, I then positioned the three remaining joints as best as I could and welded them together.  I tried to spread out the inevitable offset equally between the 3 joints but didn’t do a very good job of that.  Two of the final joints had pretty good-sized gaps, but I was able to fill them with weld and only the most observant will notice it (or so I tell myself :) ).

Anyway, that ends my scheduled welding training.  Now, back to the Pennsy!


Very nice - I was looking at one of those kits at one time - a fun welding exercise for sure.

Never seen one of those, looks like a 1-2-3 block designed by M C Escher!

Thanks Stuart and Chris!

Yeah, it was a very fun little project!  And it makes a cool-looking little item to have sitting around the shop!

 I'd never seen one before either, Chris. But when I saw it, I thought "That would be a fun little welding exercise" and it sure was!


That is another project I've kept in back of mind for awhile now.  Our neighbor at work is a motorcycle dealer, a lot of their Italian and Japanese bikes come over on crates made from square and rectangular, a ready source of raw material.

Your welds look fine to me.  And I'm not brave enough to show some of my welding experiments lately.  :hellno:


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