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Brian Rupnow:
I have been so impressed by RReid's build of a v-twin engine on "Model Engine Maker" forum, that I've just had to start modeling my own version. I will use the same cylinder, piston, and cylinder heads (although one of the heads has to be machined "opposite hand") as my 7/8" bore horizontal engine. It is not terribly difficult to design a V-twin engine. However, I'm thinkin' Lincoln,--what if? What if two V twin "stand alone" engines were completely finished then mounted on a common baseplate. Then, with the correct rotational aspect between the two engine crankshafts (using a Lovejoy coupling), wouldn't that make a reasonable v4 engine? I think the second engine would have to be a complete 180 degrees out of phase with the first engine to make this work right, but I'm not totally sure yet. I'm not going to build any engines this summer, but I do love to design.---Brian

Very interesting - looks like some fun in CAD for you this summer!

Brian Rupnow:
Okay---That's enough silliness for today. The timing gears are just hanging in space for now, not really positioned accurately.

Brian Rupnow:
Hell, yes!!!--We can do this. All four valves have lifters. I have one idler gear on backwards but that will be changed. Tomorrow I will figure out how to support the idler gears and work on ignition.

Brian Rupnow:
With all the gears turned to have the hubs facing in the correct direction, I went ahead and designed a gear guard. I'm not sure of the final shape---It currently looks a bit too much like Mickey Mouse ears. I'll worry about that one tomorrow. The endplates for the crankcase are 1/2" thick, so that lets me use two 3/8" diameter shoulder bolts to support the idler gears.


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