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Longboy's "SILO" Model Engine!

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This image giving me and inspiration for a new model.  :thinking:.....exactly how far can you place those valves from the combustion chamber anyway?

The SILO build coming this weekend!   :stir:

That one will need to run on grain alcohol!!

The frame up for SILO is the same as four other models of mine. A short lower deck piece of alum. angle backside and a tall angle piece for the cylinders.

Don't have the 4 inch angle stock. So I do a ninety deg. mate of two quarter inch flats for the cylinders and bearing carriers.

The bearing carriers will be sitting somewhat lower in the four inch vertical piece for this engine.

Base support is 3/4 x 3/8 in. alum flats. Under these will be a pair of 3/4 x 1/2 in. CR steel bars mounted crossways to give some heft to absorb SILO's vibrations.

The short deck gets one bearing carrier as #2 cylinder gets the shaft for the flywheel.

Upon this shaft goes the points cam and the MXL cam drive 20T sprocket. Between the bearing carrier and the sprocket here will be a brass eccentric to balance out the piston/rod assembly on the crank web. A change where previously a counter weight was secured to the back of the crank web using the geared set-up on previous engines. I felt I would need more material mass to make the primary balance.

Topside, short deck gets the 40T sprocket and shaft for the cam drive. SILO is a twin cam engine! A transfer punch through the bearing and sprocket locates its position into the vertical cylinder frame piece for its second bearing support.


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