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ball or roller bearings at midpoints on a crankshaft

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working on making some 1/16th scale "fake" Napier sealion engines.. on reading the history of the lion engine W12 (3 four cylinder engine on a common crank) a method of bearing shells so that larger ID bearings could be moved along the crankshaft and then the entire assembly could be mounted in the block.. these were high perforance engines and state of the art in the twentys and thrities...

Last year we dismantled what the call here self propelled railway cars, a kind of short distance trains without a visible locomotive that had very compact Rolls Royce engines mounted sideways. They had roller bearings on the crankshaft main journals and connecting rods. They looked more than 50 years old but inside they looked new.

A model boat twin uses a split needle bearing as the center bearing. I believe they are for a 12 mm shaft, but check to be sure.

Lohring Miller

Hello Lohring

I could not find any dimensions or technical details for those split bearings other than your suggestion of a 12 mm shaft. Do you know where more information could be found? I have sent Gizmo motors an e-mail, it may get a reply.

They could be the perfect answer for my Mercedes W165 engines.

Do you know of any other split needle roller bearings?


Never saw one like it before either .... looking at the website I see the outer shell too + the 'middle bearing' that is 12mm inside, 28mm outside and 8mm wide (6001C3) ....
Also looking at the 'Stroker Crank' - it appears that some of the bearings are the same size (but one might be smaller).

Googling "half bearing" gives quite a number of results - food for thought   :D
Gives a company that make them from 12-320mm outside diameter.



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