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Steam locomotive


Michael S.:
Hi there,

today was not only a nice day with sun and blue sky, but also after a long time a locomotive exhibition. 3 steam locomotives were under steam. Near me is an old railway locomotive station. There was an open house.


Michael S.:
a video:

Thanks for posting this, looks like an interesting place.

Superb and impressive steam locos!  The streamliner would have looked like a spaceship to the young loco-spotters of the period when it very first emerged from the loco workshops! Looks pretty remarkable today.   Video, and the depot with the workshop equipment very interesting.   ( I will admit to having some very nice HO gauge Roco and Fleischmann models of these German locomotives, couldn't resist...!)   Dave

Michael S.:
Hello Dave,

nice that you liked the video.
Most of the steam locomotives shown are from East Germany. With us, the steam locomotives ran until 1987. They were used for a long time and as a student I had the opportunity to take a few black and white photos with the camera.



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