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Roger B:
My Hobbymat lathe came with a good selection of imperial collets but some gaps in the metric series. The only European supplier I could find was Santool In Germany. I ordered 4mm and 8mm sizes. They look good although a little different from the original 6mm one. There are holes in the clamping surface filled with plastic plugs, I assume to keep things in place whilst they are ground. I probably could have made these myself but at ~20 Euros a piece it seemed easier to buy.

I can remember what an expensive faff it was getting those Hobbymat collets in the first place   ::)

I am pleased you have found someone who can provide new ones  :)


I have a tiny "Toyo" lathe + mill, and the number of collet available is limited to 6, 8, 10 mm, (not to mention the price !) and only compatible with themselves, neither ER or OZ...
I had to make my own for holding 12 mm mill bits, which I have in a large number for my Larger X2mill.
I was not that easy as the final collet is extremely thin, as the largest collet is 10 mm, but once installed, it holds perfectly the 12mm tooling.


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