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Michael S.:
Hi there,

I would like to present some of my Stuart steam engines here.
It's been a few years since it was built and I must confess that I used the metric screws.
The Beam was built in 2005. I changed a few parts. The feed pump was my idea. I believe the green color is not the original stuart green. The tiles are painted on an aluminum plate. Building this machine from castings was fun.

Greetings Michael

steam guy willy:
Hi ""M" ,lovely looking engine and the water pump is a nice feature


Very nice Stuart Beam, Michael!  I like the additions you've made to the basic engine.  Lots of nice detail.


Michael S.:
Hello Willy and Kim,

thanks for the kind words.

Greetings Michael

Thanks for showing us the photos of your very nice beam engine.  The extra detailing, and the unusual governor and linkage to the control valve have added a lot to the interest , and produced a very handsome model.  Dave


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