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Hey everyone, Who plans on attending Cabin Fever this year?  I have already booked my room. The show day have changed to Friday and Saturday for this years show. look forward to seeing everyone at the show


I'm in. Trying to decide if Friday or Saturday is the better day to go. Bob

I'll be there both Friday and Saturday. I have reservations made. The only thing that would change is if the weather is too bad. Never know that time of year.

Stan Stocker:
Have to say I'm sort of on the fence this year.  I've made it to 22 of the last 24 shows.  Got my booster yesterday, and sure would like to be there for the 25th.  Just hoping there isn't a large surge in Covid cases in the mid Atlantic region after the holidays.  There's just no way to avoid being pressed up against folks for hours at the show.  Being a day shorter is sort of a bummer, but at least it's only around six hours of driving to get there for me.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all, hopefully we'll have a good show!

I will be there for the whole show. Hotel reservations are made.
I need to do some repair work on some of my engines over the holidays to get everything ready.
 Looking forward to seeing everyone and their new toys!
 Happy Holidays!


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