Author Topic: Little Demon Camshaft model?  (Read 310 times)

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Little Demon Camshaft model?
« on: December 07, 2021, 01:35:34 AM »
Before I spend time modelling it up, I thought I'd ask here. I'm sure some people have modelled the camshaft either to fully CNC it or at least to do part of it that way.

I'm working on my Little Demon, on and off over the last few years and am back on it now. I just made the crankshaft and I'm pretty happy with it. I'll start a thread specific to that since I've maybe used some techniques that others may find useful.

Anyways, what I'm after is the cam modelled in any software that I can use in a CNC 4th axis. Not sure that is how I'm going to make it, but I'll see.

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