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Help wanted with piston design

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It's an air powered engine with a wrist pin that is probably no more than 1.5mm diameter with M1.0 thread, your a better man than me if you can fit snap rings to retain that :o

I've suggested an air tool oiler on another forum but they don't work so well if pressure is low so just adding a drop every few minutes into the intake would be a good alternative and what I use. needs to be a light oil to keep the sticktion down such as this

Steve Crow:
Pretty close with the wrist pin dimensions Jason! It's 1/16" with M1.2 thread.

I take it that the clock oil is very low viscosity?

Yes, On a couple of engines I used something a bit thicker like 32wt hydralic oil and the light springs on the piston valves were not enough to keep them in contact with the cams and several hours were wasted trying to work out what was wrong. Once I cleaned off the old oil and used the light stuff the engine ran great. Could have put on heavier springs but that just adds more load for the engine to overcome and that reduces smooth slow speed running

I bought a syringe and parallel needle from the same source and use that to apply the oil.


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