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Stuart No1 centrifugal pump

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john mills:
I have a stuart no 2  i have it direct coupled to the virus engine  with it drives with ease. the engine is 1" bore and stroke twin single acting
the no 2 pump is larger 3/4" inch pipes. i would think the engine you have would have plenty of power with the gear box to drive the pump
at a reasonable speed with out the engine having to rev as fast as the pump needs .you will find when you try it.

The pump will be supplying the cooling water for the condensers, it is an open circuit, so only the restrictions is the pipe work so I think this will copy happily.

All finished ticks over nicely

That's lovely work all around. Well done! :ThumbsUp: :cheers:

The pump and engine are well matched now, love it!  Just noticed what I think is a boiler feed water pump on the left end of the engine as well.   :ThumbsUp:


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