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what's wrong with this picture?

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I canít see anything wrong , itís a down under lathe for here in OZ ! 😂😂

Decided to reverse the door on the refrigerator. (Most appliances are designed to allow this.)

Removed hardware, door and etc.

Inside panels also need to swap L for R to allow access to captive nuts for hinges on one side and latch on the other.

As long as it comes apart, might as well clean it really well.

When clean, assembly reverse of disassembly: Carefully fit inner panels, door (in new orientation) and all trim and cosmetic covers.

Door won't latch: Forgot to reverse inner panels.

GRRRRRRR..... :censored:

At least it's faster the second time you do it.


Elam Works:

--- Quote ---what's wrong with this picture?
--- End quote ---

Your motor has been stolen by an evil spirit?

Art K:
No, the motor hasn't been stolen or misplaced it's on the back side of the lathe. The whole lathe as a unit sits on top of the lathe bench. You can just see the belt cover in the upper left of the photo.

Well on thing for sure is it looks like an owl is in it. There are a pair of eyes looking at you in Elams picture



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