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what's wrong with this picture?

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Art K:
Hi all,
I've been sitting on this photo with the intention of posting it, so today's the day.
This is the lathe bench for the lathe at work.
I do have a question about that. It has the cam lock to attach the 3 & 4 jaw chuck. One of them is not quite aligned and I have to turn just past the click to remove the chuck. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

Thats a picture of Murphy's lathe bench!   :lolb:

I saw a picture of a canoe built by the same guy that assembled that door. The bow pointed up as usual. The stern pointed down. :Lol:

Don't get a lot of leverage opening the door using that handle. And I'll bet it doesn't latch very well from that side!  :Lol:


Saves you knocking your knee on the handle when standing at the lathe ;)


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