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Dealing With Hard Spots in Iron Castings

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--- Quote from: john mills on November 07, 2021, 07:37:21 PM ---i would think it is up to the foundry to have a good furnace man that willuse a good recipe to give a suitable grade of iron for the job
it sould not be a haphazard  lot of what ever.

--- End quote ---

Good luck with that

No doubt there will be a cost implication for such requests

Pick your poison.....I suspect if you ask for r the good stuff, and can be a little can get what you want without too much extra cost when they run a bigger job.


Am I right in thinking that only licenced foundries can put the Meehanite name onto their iron? if so that would rather limit the choice of foundry and they may not want out little orders

Check your foundry.   My foundry followed the process, and I got good results.   


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