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Adept No 2 Hand Shaping machine


Hello , many years ago at the Clubs “ bring and buy” I purchased an Adept No 2 Hand Shaping machine- the price I paid reflected the fact that it was short of the front table onto which the workpiece , or machine vice, would have been clamped.
I have tried to find a table to complete the machine but no such luck so the only option is to try to fabricate one. I would like it to be an accurate replacement but I do not have any dimensions.
Does any member of this forum own the No 2 machine who would be prepared to give me the critical dimensions as well as a few photos. Many thanks if you can.


That's the big one  ::) Mine is the little one.

There are some good pics of big brother on here:[A2HS]/1010.htm (you need to copy the link and past it into your browser to work )


Thank you Jo, I have that information already. Unfortunately it does not give any dimensions for the table.
If no one else can help me then I suppose I will have to try scaling the photo.


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