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IHC Titan 50 HP, 2 cylinder Doug Kelley, European version

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Hi Everybody,
during the past summer time I have done the design work for this model engine.
By the Doug Kelley design, published in the "Home Shop Machinist" in 2016, I have made a CAD model in Fusion360 with all the, for me necessary, modification to make it suitable  for metric bolts, shafts and some other here easier to purchase stuff, as piston rings.
At my favorite Greek supplier for Italian Caber rings I have found some 23 mm piston rings very close to the original design, 0,9"= 22,86 mm.
The gear design was a bit adapted to suit metric gears of the shelf, available in Germany.
In Luxembourg I have found the below shown fly wheel castings.
These castings do have enough material at the center to use "Sit Lock" clutches as at picture #4, a product of Switzerland.
To get an idea about the over all dimensions and the set up at a machine, I have printed the cylinder as a sample in 3D.
Also a metric design for a gear water pump was made, basic was a design made by Art Burns in the MEB magazine some year ago.
Here an animated design video of the very beginning of these project.

Watching along!!! Love old Iron!



Dave Otto:
Hi Achim,
Looks like another great project to follow along with.


Cool!  I remember seeing that one in HSM.  This should be fun!  :popcorn: :popcorn:

This is going to be good!!  :popcorn: :wine1: :popcorn: .......



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