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Upshur Farm Engine Timing Gears


I am building an Upshur Farm Engine from the plans presented in the "Strictly IC" now defunct magazine. I decided to build this engine from materials laying around my workshop.  Not wanting to spend a fortune on gears I thought about making gears, but after a lot of reading and thinking, I gave it up.  In searching the internet, I found a source of inexpensive gears.  The model race car guys seem to have every ratio imaginable.  I purchased two gears from Amain Hobbies for a total of less than $14 including shipping.  The 30 tooth gear is aluminum and the 60 tooth gear is a composite. It was a simple matter to bore the gears and install the cam and bushings (loctite and JB weld).  I have attached photos of the finished gears.  The mesh perfectly and I anticipate no problems with them.  Rick

Those look like a good option, especially at that price! Thanks for the tip!

Thanks for the tip on where to get gears.  I'd never thought about hobby model suppliers as a source for gears. 

I do have a question though.  I looked through the Amain Hobby site and I can see the DP and tooth count specified, but I couldn't find anything about the face width.  Is there a way to find that or figure that dimension out?




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