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Coolspring power museum show


I'm planning on attending the Coolspring fall power show. I will be bringing some of my engines to display. Does anyone know if they have a building or facility for model engine?

jeff l:
Hi George they do not have a models only building to speak of but they do have several buildings that maybe you could setup in ,but I think the best bet would be to setup in the field .Jeff

Dave Otto:

Have you ever been to Coolspring? My concern is that there is so much to see if you set up your beautiful engines you won't be able to enjoy the rest of the show grounds.
Will you be camping or staying at a local motel? Consider that it does rain sometimes and the field can turn into a muddy mess sometime with deep lakes in the low areas. Last time I was there I parked in a grassy field at the far end of town and by the end of the day of people coming and going, I just about didn't make it out of the field in my rented car, as that nice grassy field in the morning had turned into a rutted muddy mess.

Attached is a photo from the 2015 show.


jeff l:
Dave is correct on both items the show is massive with so much to see and when it rains it's a muddy mess .


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